Privacy Policy

At FFmoji we respect your privacy. We never collect, save, share, or sell any personal information through the FFmoji app or FFmoji keyboard. The FFmoji keyboard periodically downloads images from (that’s how our ‘mojis get on your device), so we may have access to IP information, the same as if you were to visit our website from a browser. We may use this information internally to analyze which images are popular in order to improve our product, but again we will never share or sell any personal information.

A note about “Full Access” on Apple devices:

In order for the FFmoji keyboard to work on Apple devices, you must Allow Full Access in the Keyboard Settings. Full Access is required to download new FFmojis from the Internet, and to copy FFmojis to your device’s clipboard. When Allowing Full Access, you will receive a message from Apple warning you that we may have access to sensitive information you type. Know that we ONLY have access to what you type/share with the FFmoji keyboard, and we never collect or save any sensitive information (in fact, the FFmoji 2016 keyboard does not have a standard keyboard, so it is impossible for us to have access to credit card numbers, addresses, passwords, or confidential fantasy predictions).