Contact & Support

To join the growing FFmoji community, let us know how we are doing, what FFmojis you would like to see next, or just talk football, send us a message on Twitter:

If you experience any problems or bugs with the FFmoji app or keyboard, please let us know by Email:


Installation instructions for Apple Devices:

(after you install the FFmoji 2016 app on your Apple device, follow these instructions to install the keyboard)

  1. Open your device’s iOS Settings
  2. Tap General→ Keyboard→ Keyboards
  3. Tap Add New Keyboard→ FFmoji 2016
  4. Finally, Allow Full Access by tapping on FFmoji 2016 in your list of keyboards and turn on Allow Full Access

**Note** When Allowing Full Access, you will receive a message from Apple warning you that we may have access to sensitive information you type. Know that we ONLY have access to what you type/share with the FFmoji keyboard, and we never collect or save any sensitive information (in fact, the FFmoji 2016 keyboard does not have a standard keyboard, so it is impossible for us to have access to credit card numbers, addresses, passwords, or confidential fantasy predictions).

Full Access is required to download new FFmojis from the Internet, and to copy FFmojis to your device’s clipboard.

  1. Once installed you can access the FFmoji keyboard by opening Messages, Twitter, or other favorite apps. When your system keyboard opens, tap or press the globe key in the bottom left to switch to the FFmoji keyboard. FFmoji should work with any app that allows you to paste images from your clipboard.

Note: FFmoji 2016 requires an Internet connection to work.

If you ever need to uninstall the FFmoji 2016 Keyboard for any reason, you can do so by returning to your Apple device’s iOS Keyboard Settings, or by deleting the app from your device. You can always reinstall the keyboard or app.